Absolutes Are Juxaposed To Our Conforming American Society

I have been thinking about this for quite some time and finally formulated a rational train of thought to share. Sort of complex so hang on for the thought roller coaster.

In my opinion America, is in a bad spot due to the ideal of conforming to everything, accepting everything is OK.  I am 50 years old and I can not recall a nation so divided and so at war with ideological issues.

There is a prevailing notion we must conform and accept everything, nothing is absolute. Let’s look at a few examples.

  • Legal battles and discussion over use of Trans-gender restrooms and locker rooms
  • Gender confusion and the concept of “identifying with a gender” that is not your biological sex
  • Legalization of Gay Marriage
  • Legalization of Marijuana –  in some states of a class 1 drug
  • Demand for $15 minimum wage without examining consequences of cost of goods and services
  • Demand for a free college education without understanding how that would be paid for
  • Criminal rights – families suing people who were victimized by someone breaking the law and getting killed as a consequence of committing a crime
  • Freedom to not serve another person based on choice and beliefs. The whole Christian cake baker who refuses to make a cake for a Gay couple
  • Everything is Racist if you say anything as a White person
  • It’s A -OK to lie, commit treason, destroy public documents and still be the leading democratic candidate
  • And on and on..

I was originally a double major in college, physics and biology so my brain has been wired to think of logical facts and absolute laws of the universe. When you take a look at science the the concept of conforming does not exist (especially conforming to tiny statistical populations).  Let’s examine a few laws.

  • Gravity – you can’t have partial gravity
  • Formation of elements – Water is H2O, not H and I relate to or identify with  to HP2 +O
  • Speed of Sound – it’s not conditional based on who is listening
  • Boiling point of water – It is absolute, has nothing to do with the color of the pot, feelings of the cook that day or concerns over the debate over tap water vs bottled spring water
  • Dogs are dogs, cats are cats, regardless if they identify with being the other
  • Pregnant – A mammal can not be partially pregnant. You are either pregnant or you are not.

As a nation,  we have lost our way as we have come to an absurd state where we are trying so hard to accommodate everyone  and not hurt some tiny minorities feelings that we are leaving behind absolutes in the world.

  • Gender is an absolute – If I am biologically a man, I am a man… If I am a woman, I am a woman. PERIOD.
  • If I get shot by my neighbor while robbing my neighbor’s house, too damn bad, it’s a risk I take when I decide to break the law.
  • If I get shot and killed while hitting, pulling a knife or pointing a gun at a police officer, then too damn bad, occupational hazard and consequences of making those choices. Police practice with their guns, you don’t you idiot.
  • If I say that a person of another color (Heaven help us if you are white) is acting poorly, it just may be a fact and have nothing to do with racism. It is probably more to do with being stupid or making stupid choices. There are stupid things being done every second of the day and it has nothing to do with race.
  • If my kid is acting like a spoiled brat in public and needs a swat on the butt and verbal correcting, it’s not child abuse,  it’s parenting
  • If I take my kid’s cell phone away as a consequence of bad behavior, it’s not child abuse, it’s parenting even if their feelings are hurt.
  • If I don’t support Gay marriage on the basis of my belief system or faith, it’s not about hating anyone, it’s about following my briefs. Marry who you want but I don’t have to approve or accept it.
  • If I don’t want my 17 year old smoking Marijuana and killing his brain development, its not being prude, it’s just knowing research and being able to use Google and being a parent.
  • It’s actually OK to have opinions and be opposed to things.
  • There are absolute right and wrong things.
  • Lying is not acceptable for a Presidential candidate. Destroying public records is not OK.

So my main point is there ARE absolutes in life. There are things that conforming just does not work. It’s really OK if people’s feelings get hurt. It’s economics if you can’t get free stuff just because you feel entitled too. It’s a fact of life that the needs of the many out weigh the few. Common sense is more important than hurt feelings. You can’t please everyone. Tiny minorities should not rule the vast majority. It’s an absolute that there are consequences for decisions. Life is not fair at times and you can’t legislate it to be. Effort is not equal, so neither should be pay.

Absolute vs conforming… it just does not work. The longer we think that living with juxtaposed set of ideologies that goes against common sense, the longer we will have division and polarization in our nation.

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