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No such thing as fairy-tale lives?

It’s a strange phenomenon when the world loses a iconic figure to suicide, drugs or alcohol addiction and the overwhelming response is shock and dismay. So the world lost a great talent this week when Prince died of a drug overdose at the young age of 57. I have followed Prince for more than 30 years […]

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Macro to Micro, Push to Pull

when it comes to content and entertainment Everything Has Changed. we have now moved from the macro screen of theaters and television to the microscreen of the mobile device that includes a smartphone and tablets. in addition to this we are no longer being pushed content but rather we pull content. I think of my […]

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Dark Side of Creative Genius – Death of Prince

Creative genius has a dark side and a cost. The minds of many we adore and idolize for their genius are wired differently and leave them susceptible to the dark world of depression and subsequent addiction. Jimmy Hendrix Kurt Cobain Michael Jackson Robin Williams Prince Many more… Mental disorders are real and an area of […]

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