Dark Side of Creative Genius – Death of Prince

Creative genius has a dark side and a cost. The minds of many we adore and idolize for their genius are wired differently and leave them susceptible to the dark world of depression and subsequent addiction.

  • Jimmy Hendrix
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Michael Jackson
  • Robin Williams
  • Prince
  • Many more…

creative mindMental disorders are real and an area of Healthcare that does not get the proper research and attention. I have said for more than 20 years that the greatest advancements to be made in Healthcare is on the human brain and understanding the complexities. I speak from first hand experience in dealing with mental disorder on a daily basis.

It’s time to pay attention to this area of science and health care. There are millions of everyday people who battle mental disorders and many slip through the cracks, drop from being able to function and fill our streets as homeless and occupy our prisons as criminals who made unexplainable decisions.

For those who’s brains are not wired this way, it’s extremely difficult for them to understand. For those of us deal with it, it’s virtually impossible to explain.

Rest in peace Prince. The world has lost another beautiful mind. A mind that was wired differently. Those who knew Prince first hand said he often thought in music and rushed off mid sentence to write down his inspiration. Dead at 57 is too young. Another example of the obvious link between genius and mental disorders and the breakdown of coping skills that are self medicated with drugs and alcohol and end up in tragic death.


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