Macro to Micro, Push to Pull

when it comes to content and entertainment Everything Has Changed. we have now moved from the macro screen of theaters and television to the microscreen of the mobile device that includes a smartphone and tablets. in addition to this we are no longer being pushed content but rather we pull content. I think of my own viewing habits for content and my old method was I would turn on the television set in my bedroom and channel surf to find some content that was being pushed to me. Now lay down on my bed open up my tablet or smartphone and I surf Facebook and YouTube or Netflix looking for content that I want to pull Tumi rather than just except what’s been pushed. this is a whole new way of entertaining ourselves comma education ourselves or looking up information. my phone and tablet stay connected to me virtually all the time and that now includes the last half-hour or so before I fall asleep. if it weren’t for my family I would probably cancel television completely and just catch the content on my mobile device that I’m wanting to consume for my entertainment. it’s a new world where micro screens are hyper-connected to us and we pull the content in our own private little sessions or you might say your own private Idaho. the impact of this on the district distribution of content has yet to be fully seen but I can tell you now that broadcast Technologies that are not utilizing the smartphone and tablet as the main connectivity device will soon go the way of 8 track tapes comma cassette Tech Decks and other Technologies from the past. macro to micro

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