No such thing as fairy-tale lives?

It’s a strange phenomenon when the world loses a iconic figure to suicide, drugs or alcohol addiction and the overwhelming response is shock and dismay. So the world lost a great talent this week when Prince died of a drug overdose at the young age of 57. I have followed Prince for more than 30 years and have always been awed at his talent. He played and mastered more then a dozen instruments, published 37 albums and thousands of other songs. People who knew him well said he thought in music and would be at lunch or some other event and get up and leave so he could go write down a musical thought. But just like Michael Jackson, Robin Williams and many other iconic figures, it’s shocking to see someone that appears to have it all, money, fame, resources, an assumed fairy tale life pass. We stand in shock, micro and macro media is flooded with stories with his loss. Hundreds of millions of people are offering thoughts, opinions and feelings of loss, sadness or disappointment. But in the end, we are human and face the reality of the human condition with all it’s opportunities to cross over because there is a thin line between living and death.

There is no escaping the human condition. From the meek to the powerful, in the end we are all just humans and we live a frail existence where we are all susceptible to giant chasms that can consume you, swallow you like a pebble thrown into the Grand Canyon. The Lord gives us talents and it’s up to our free agency to overcome the human condition to realize those talents.

So what prevents us from living to our potential? Why not me? Why not you?

I have said many times the greatest challenge most humans have is the internal struggle to reach our potential.  We all stand on the edge of a enormous chasm between who we are today and the potential of who we can become.

Not everyone struggles daily with the potential chasm that in the back of everyone’s mind. Some people just decide to ignore that voice, except the fate of a life created by a lack of effort. “hey, I am who I am… I am too old, too fat, too thin, too weak, I have a disorder, my spouse holds me back, my kids are rotten… the excuses are endless to accept a normal life.

Today is Sunday. Take a few minutes and look up. Look up from your mobile devices and look to HIM that gave us the talents. Look within your heart and ask yourself, why not me?

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