Hi. wlecome to my journal. I have a take it or leave it attitude when I write. I dont share my thoughts for the need for attention or validation. I write and blog to dump my thoughts and clear my mind. I was rasied with a semi ranch background (my grandparents had a large ranch and while we lived in the suburbs of Denver (Golden), we spent alot of time at the ranch.

My time on the ranch outside Valentine. Nebraska taught me values of hard work, be a man that fixes problems, respect the land as it is the phsyical foundation of our earthly existance, faith and reliance in God, loyalty to family, self reliance, problem solving, love, compassion and most of all a never give up attitude.

I am far from perfect. I have more flaws than I can count. I have been humbled by many failures and successes. Yes, successes can humble one.

I am wired different from many. I was blessed with a brain which never stops. To be brutally honest, my brain is out of balance. Clinically my diagnosis as defined by DSM5 is Bipolar Undefined. I am not sure what that really means to be classified as undefined. I see it as the mental health professions really have no damn idea how to label me.That is ok because I am not a big fan of defining anyone because no one can get in the head of another. I don’t have the swings of depression. I run hot all the time. I guess in the minds of many, I have mental health issues but my condition is a chemical imbalance. While the imbalance is present, the benefits far outweigh the down sides.

I have raised five beautiful children who have taught me the greatest lessons in life as we all traveled through their development into adults. I am a rich man because of them. I define rich as having excess blessings and love. I would walk through a wall of fire drenched in gasoline for my children.

My life has been an oddesy driven by an un-quenchable curiousity and more interests than can be fit into one life time. I am very unconventional. Maybe a tad intelligent crazy.

If you like to follow along in my thoughts, great. If you are offended, go away, I don’t give a damn. I am who I am. I try to learn something each day and improve but that effort still leaves me horribley flawed and unsdertated. Oh well.