Welcome. Some people call it blogging but truth be told my journal is a mental parking lot for ideas and thoughts from my hot mind. What? A hot mind, what do you mean Rex?

brain x-ray anatomy

I have hot brain that brain scan images look like the pacific ring volcanos of hot spots.

The ring of fire

I need to park the ideas and thoughts to clear my mind of analyis which can loop for days while I try to sort it out. I have decided to step away from social media as it’s often nothing more than narcisstic pandering for attention or fighting with those who are clearly misguieded and my “fix it” brain starts verbal tussles to make it right or prove my point. Crazy huh?

From time to time the thoughts I have are very perceptive, insightful and some people enjoy them. Others just shake their heads and say damn this guy is crazy or close to genius. . Well that could be accurate.